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Woven Patches are extremely popular. They are constructed by weaving the coloured threads into each other to create the design which results in a flat surface. Woven Patches are excellent when fine detail in a design is required – by their very nature they are neat, colourful and clear.

Like our Embroidered and Printed Patches, if your artwork is a regular shape such as an oval, rectangle, shield or circle, the edges can be over-locked. If your design is irregular in shape, for example a  tree, animal or person where branches, ears, arms or legs protrude from the main part of the design then laser cutting of the shape will be necessary and over-locking not possible.

We check all orders before accepting them so if the chosen process is not suitable, we’ll be in touch as a matter of priority to provide further help.

You can find additional detail and guidance about our Custom Patches at our Help Desk.

Minimum Order Quantity is 50 per design. Piece prices below 50 become much higher. You can order direct from this page, specifying exactly the options and style you want for your badge…

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“We just received the pins and patches at our office and all I can say is…….wow! They have all turned out really, really well and look amazing. The other guys in the office are impressed, especially with the patches. They have tried patches in the past, but they never turned out as expected, however yours have smashed it!“

Embroidered and Woven patches, often referred to as cloth badges, emanate from the hand made craft of embroidering designs onto cloth by hand.

​Whether this is your favourite band, slogan, character or design embroidered and woven patches are brilliant for jazzing up and decorating clothing, bags, blankets or for display on uniforms …scouts and guides, schools, the Emergency Services and the Military.

​Whatever the use they are brilliant purveyors of individuality, fashion, award, rank or role.

​Available in any size with edging that can be overlocked (also known as merrowed) or heat (laser) cut where outlines require a finely shaped edge and backings:

  • ​sew-on
  • iron-on
  • Velcro

and a wide range of threads and colours allowing us to create a high quality, high impact product.

Embroidered badges and patches are made by stitching the threads of the design onto a twill, felt or chenille background. Embroidery therefore sits slightly proud of the backing material.​

Woven badges and patches are used where a design is fine in detail and too fine to embroider successfully. The design is made by weaving the coloured thread into the material. The stitching in woven badges is therefore integrated to the background and flat. The weaving process is also used to construct labels for clothing and we can supply these types of labels too.​

Where the artwork is too fine to be woven, badges and patches can be created using one of several printing processes which brings about an exact representation of the design.

We are happy to advise you of the options available for custom Embroidered or Woven Patches and badges according to your requirements. ​