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Soft PVC Keyrings are of great appeal. Created with shaped sections and layers of PVC and with more the even more bespoke options of 3D and Double-sided available by enquiry, the PVC Keyring is a winner in our book!

Larger sizes and further bespoke options are set by default to ‘Enquire‘ so we can help you to find the best fit product for your needs.

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Keyrings in enamel, PVC, embroidery, leather & acrylic offer many options for your promotion, business, club or retail

Key Rings and Fridge Magnets too, are functional, fun and will display your brand strongly.

With construction processes in leather, metal, enamel, PVC, embroidery and plastic in 2D and with 3D possibilities too, it really does mean you can achieve any shape and style you require.

Custom Key Rings, Key Fobs, Trolley Coins  and Fridge Magnets can be produced in any size required. Different processes with the same high quality outcome.

​We are happy to advise you of the options available for custom Keyrings according to your requirements.

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