Soft Enamel Pin Badges

Soft Enamel Badges have an enamel fill in the recessed areas of the metal stamped badge. The raised metal areas of the badge function as dividers for the enamel colours to sit in and a soft enamel fill means that once the pin badges are baked, the enamel in the recessed areas, sits below the raised metal lines of the enamel badge.

You can see from our photos above and on our Instagram, the effect achieved with soft enamel pin badges and also the high quality finish of the pin badge which can be made into any size and shape required, including where the design requires a cut out rather than recessed metal.

A range of fastener options are available to select to give our soft enamel badges real versatility, including Magnet, Keyring, Cufflink and Tie Bar attachments.

Soft Enamel Badges are filled with enamel colours using the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®. This ensures we can match the enamel colours for your custom enamel pin badge to your artwork exactly and this is excellent for logos and branding where colours need to be consistent. Where there is no Pantone colour match required, we will match it to the closest Pantone colour available.

We are happy to advise you of the options available for custom enamel pin badges according to your requirements.