Hard Enamel Pin Badges

Hard Enamel Pin Badges are hardwearing and a premium quality enamel pin badge. They are based on the ancient technique of Cloisonné for decorating metalwork objects. A metal die is created producing the lines of the badge design into which the enamel colours are filled.

Designs in enamel are constructed by raising and recessing metal lines to create the features of the pin badge design. This metal base is usually made from silver, gold or black nickel but can be made in other metal plates and dyed colours too.

The raised metal areas of the pin badge act as dividers for the enamel colours  to sit in. The enamel is baked in an oven, then the badge surface is ground and polished to achieve an enamel badge with a hard, smooth finish where the enamel sits at the same height as the raised metal lines.

Manufacturing modern day Hard Enamel Pin Badges, also called ‘Epola’ or ‘Imitation Hard Enamel’ is less costly than Cloisonné and uses the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®.

This ensures we can match the enamel colours to your artwork exactly and is excellent for logos and branding where colours need to be consistent. Where there is no Pantone colour match required, we will match it to the closest Pantone colour available.

We are happy to advise you of the options available for custom  enamel pin badges according to your requirements. For guidance please see our well resourced Help Desk page, view our product photos on Instagram and check our Reviews to see the experience our customers have at Badge Base.