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? Size (mm) Metal Plate colour Number of Enamel Colours required Backing Cards (100% recycled uncoated card) and Presentation Boxes Glitter Enamel, Glow Enamel, Epoxy Coating Fastener Sequential Numbers: great for Limited Edition pins or keyrings Fine angled perimeter cuts and/or internal cut-outs Back Stamp: feature your Brand on the back of your Pins Single Use Plastic Option


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Sleek, minimalist and understated – Die Struck Pins let the shape, contours and metal plate finish do the talking.

Our Die Struck badges without enamel colouring (to which of course colour can be added if you require) bring almost endless possibilities amongst which is styling the finish of the background to the recessed metal by adding a paint to the metal in order to make foreground text and elements stand out proudly where a highly polished effect is chosen.

Die Stuck Pins are popular for carrying the insignia of military, corporate and society sectors particularly but bring with them a unique way of presenting artwork in an unassuming way ….with all the added options of plate colours, perimeter shaping and internal cut-out options, they also make superb Award Pins and decorated memento Coins to mark a special occasion.

Minimum Order Quantity is 50 per design. Piece prices below 50 become much higher. You can order direct from this page, specifying exactly the options and style you want for your badge…

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Die Struck Pin Badges are classic, minimalistic and extremely smart.  These pin badges are constructed in the same way as their enamel counterparts but are pin badges that do not feature enamel, in other words they are no enamel pin badges.

Metal Stamped Badges or Die Struck Lapel Pin Badges are constructed by raising and recessing metal to create the features of the design.

This metal base of the badge can be plated in a wide range of metal colours and effects including polished and antique and while hugely popular in silver, gold and black nickel, pin badges can also be made in other metal shades and colours too.

Add into the equation brushed and polished metal and it is possible to achieve numerous styles and effects with a Die Struck Pin Badge. They also make fantastic medals, coins and key rings too. Die Struck Pin Badges can be made into any size and shape and into 3D pin badge.

​This style of badge is perfect for police badges and the security industry where we manufacture highly polished 3D badges as cap or helmet badges and for Warrant Card Wallets. Enamelled areas can be incorporated with ease if required.​

We are happy to advise you of the options available for custom die struck pin badges according to your requirements.