General Questions

Should there be something that you are looking for and are unable to find on our site, please do get in touch with us as we can supply many more items than we are able to showcase on our website.

Our product pages state the MOQ and Lead times. If the MOQ isn’t stated, please contact us.

  • Button Badges = 1
  • Enamel Pin Badges = 50
  • Lanyards = 25
  • Keyrings = 50
  • Embroidered/Woven/Printed Patches = 50

We operate incremental volume discount so the piece price decreases as you order more. We also acknowledge that to buy 50 of a product when you only have need for 15 can present as a barrier. While low quantities do increase the piece price, if you have a specific number less than our MOQ, please contact us. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to do business with Badge Base.

We can produce any quantity required above the Minimum Order Quantity. Thousands? YES!!

It is our aim to make it as easy as possible for you to do business with us. Our business is about converting your artwork to decorate or create from scratch a new product. Our service includes FREE modification of your artwork where it is required to ensure the best result for you.

​Our design team can create a badge design for you if required, please check out our Artwork information page or  make an enquiry.

Lead times are stated on our Product pages. These vary between 3 days and 22 working days depending upon the product, it’s specification and the quantity. The lead times we publish are always up to date and take into account our commitment at any given time. Once you have placed your order, we keep you fully updated of the dates involved. Very large quantities will take longer and we will provide this detail for you at point of quote.

We accept payment by BACS/International Bank Transfer or Debit/Credit Card which is processed by WorldPay. Work on an order commences once payment is received.

Most certainly! Where we can we will do this free of charge. You can email us a sketch of what you want and we will put the badge or design for the product together for you.  You can find full details on our Artwork page.

Vector artwork is preferred. We can use any of the following formats: EPS, PDF, AI, CDR. We do accept Raster artwork in a variety of formats: PSD (please do not merge layers), JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PPT, DOC and this must be a minimum resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch) at 100% full size. Please do ask if you are not sure, again we can provide support for this and are here to help. You can find full details on our Help Desk.

We are very happy to send samples out so you can see and feel the quality of the product you are interested in. These are examples of products we have previously made and would not be your artwork. We send samples out FREE to 1 UK address. For shipping outside the UK, please ask and we will confirm the postage cost. Please use our Sample Form.

Designs in enamel are constructed by raising and recessing metal to create the features of the design. This metal base is usually made from silver, gold or black nickel but can also be made in other metal plate colours and effects too. The raised metal areas of the badge act like the lead in stained glass windows in that they function as dividers for the enamel colours of the design to sit within.


​What does ‘Hard Enamel’ mean? This is the most premium of Enamel Pins as the badges go through a wide range of processes during manufacture to achieve a highly durable Pin that has bright vibrant colours. Hard Enamel pins have the recesses of the metal base filled right to the surface with enamel before they are ground and polished. This means that Hard Enamel Pins have a smooth surface which is flush with the raised metal lines of the design which gives the Pin badge a highly durable and lovely smooth finish and sheen to the surface.


What does ‘Soft Enamel’ mean? These ever popular Pins which are also of superb quality, have a single layer (rather than several as with Hard) of Enamel in the recessed areas of the metal and so, they have an attractive, contoured and tactile feel if you run your finger over the surface. Soft Enamel Pins can also be coated with hard Epoxy Resin to achieve a smooth surface if required.

Yes we can. One of the most appealing features of the Hard and Soft Enamel, Die Struck (no Enamel), Offset print and PVC pin badge is that it can be created in any shape and size. There is no ‘standard’ shape or size, you have total flexibility according to the design you require. Internal cut-outs and very intricate design shaping will incur an additional charge. We will ensure that we explain all of this to you when you enquire.

​The exception to this is our express Resin Dome Pins, which are constructed using components of set sizes and shapes and also our Buttons Badges and Button Keyrings…we do have a wide range of different shapes and sizes to choose from 😊

Embroidered badges and patches are made by stitching the threads of the design onto a twill, felt or chenille background. Embroidery therefore sits slightly proud of the backing material.

​Woven badges and patches are used where a design is fine in detail and too fine to embroider successfully. The design is made by weaving the coloured thread into the material. The stitching in woven badges is therefore integrated to the background and flat. The weaving process is also used to construct labels for clothing and we can supply these types of labels too.

​Where the artwork is too fine to be woven, badges and patches can be created using one of several printing processes which brings about an exact representation of the design.

We can produce a wide range of bespoke packaging to carry your branding to provide you with retail-ready merchandise. Please contact us with your requirements.

Indeed we will and we do this regularly for clients. We will also ship your order to an alternative address for you if require a change during the process. Please contact us with any questions about bespoke delivery options, we are happy to help provide you with the right mode and style of delivery your order may require.

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Yes. We take our responsibility to our Customers and our Team very seriously. All our Products have been fully tested to ensure they meet all quality, safety, sustainability and performance standards. We have full Public Liability insurance.