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On this page you will find links to our range of metal enamel lapel pins as well as our printed pins and cloth patches. Moving around our site to look at our custom emblem products is simple.

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Soft Enamel Badges

Soft Enamel Badges are very desirable with an enamel fill in the recessed areas of the metal stamped badge


Hard Enamel Badges

​Hard Enamel Pin Badges are the most premium quality of enamel pin badges. Bright, durable and very smart


Die Struck Badges

Die Struck Pin Badges are manufactured by stamping, plating and polishing the metal.

Offset Print Badges

CMYK Printed Badges, called Offset Print, makes the colour gradient and fine detail possible to reproduce

Custom Patches

Embroidered & Woven patches are used as badges on uniforms & popular as fashion accessories on clothing

3D Sculpted Badges

3D Badges are Die Cast to give a sculpted and detailed 3 dimensional badge popular with brands and Rescue Services

Brilliant Button Badges

Our custom Button Badges are CMYK printed, laminated, cut and pressed. Our versatile Button Badges are an Express item too

Perfect PVC Pins

PVC Pin Badges constructed in sections and layers, are moulded from soft PVC to any shape and size and offered in 2D or 3D

Resin Dome Badges

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Our Resin Dome Pin Badges come in a selection of fixed shapes & sizes. The perfect 'Express' Pin Badge where time is of the essence!

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