Personalised Badges

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At Badge Base, we’ve got some great options for personalised badges. Not only can we create custom designs which match your branding, insignia or logos, but we’ve got a broad range of different options for badges, from enamel to embroidered badges.

A wide variety of badges to personalise

Die struck pin badges are a traditional looking badge with a metal finish. These are an excellent choice for more established or traditional organisations who require personalised badges. These have a metallic finish, including polished and antique options as well as being available in several different shapes and sizes, meaning as well as personalised badges, they can also be customised coins and keyrings. The die struck badges, also known as metal stamped badges are created by recessing and raising the metal which in turn makes the features of the design in relief.

PVC Pin Badges

PVC Pin Badges are another option for personalised badges. These are a different style from the die struck pin badge, firstly because they can feature vibrant colours amongst their design. They’re available in 2D and 3D options, and in Pantone Matching System (PMS) colours to offer an accurate and appealing reflection of the colours in your logo or design. With a pleasing texture created by layers and segments of PVC to form the design and eye catching colours, these are a great option for clubs and other associations which need durable badges and which can withstand weathering.

Awesome affordable pin badges and patches

Hard and Soft Enamel Badges

We can also create personalised Enamel Badges. These, like the PVC badges are also available in intense and varied colours, which can be matched to the original design materials or company logos. We’re able to create custom badges in both a hard enamel and soft enamel format. The hard enamel badge is ground down, meaning that the enamel and the metal lines of the badge are smooth with each other, creating a slick and polished finish and surface to the badge. The soft enamel badge leaves the difference in recess between the metal and enamel levels, meaning the coloured sections sit slightly below the level of the metal offering a slightly different texture to the finish of the badge.

Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom Embroidered Badges have typically been the go to option for groups such as Scouts and Guides groups, but are a great option for a wide variety of different organisations. These offer a traditional presentation, but have the capacity to incorporate many different stylistic, design and colour elements. The embroidered badge is available on an array of different base shapes and sizes, and are precision equipment can embroider complex designs and patterns. Naturally these are perfect for stitching onto uniforms and other fabric items and can be personalised to include names and achievements.

Awesome affordable pin badges and patches

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