Options at Badge Base to really make your Custom Badges pop!

Achieve exceptional Custom badges in 1 go and let our expert Team guide you through the process here at badgebase.com is our number one priority. We have a breadth of options with a range of customisable features to ensure that you can create a badge that is unique to you and perfectly matches what’s required. With state of the art equipment and colour matching processes, we’re able to transform your initial badge designs into stunning final products which are custom to your organisation or purpose and achieve exceptional Custom badges in 1 go!

How to order from badgebase.com

Our process is straight forward and allows for you to control how your badge comes together with the range of different styles and choices we offer. These each have their own advantages and suitability, and so we’re always available to advise on what product would be the best option to create a great looking customised final product. We will advise you how to achieve exceptional Custom badges in 1 go with us here at Badge Base.

You can send us through an initial design, from which we’ll put together a fair and accurate quote. If you are uncertain about your design, or feel that it could benefit from a professional eye cast over it, then our experienced team can be consulted and are able to transform basic sketches into a refined digital format that is perfect to show how to achieve exceptional Custom badges in 1 go and create your ideal custom badge.

Payment and next steps in the order process

Once you are ready to place your order which can be done on our eCommerce website or via email where we send an invoice directly to you with a link to pay by card or details to settle via a BACS payment, we’ll prepare the digital proof of the original artwork to give you a clear impression of what the badges will look like. Once you’ve signed-off the artwork  we’ll re-confirm the shipping date window for your order so that you know when it will be be dispatched and delivered. We know how important planning at your end is and so you can be sure of regular order updates from us throughout the process and journey of your custom pin badge order.

Which formats of badge can be customised?

We’ve got lots of different badge style choices which will allow you to have something that truly reflects your purpose or organisation. We can guide and support you with how to achieve exceptional Custom badges in 1 go with our range of choices which includes hard and soft enamel badges, embroidered and woven badges, button badges, PVC, Die struck and 3D Die Cast badges amongst many other different options.

Enamel badges…

Enamel badges are ideal for designs with lots of colour and a crisp image. These feature a metal line drawing of the design between which is placed coloured enamel which is divided by the lines of the metal base. There are two different options for finishing the enamel badge, with the hard enamel offering a polished and smooth finish and the soft offering more varied texture, with the enamel sitting below the level of the defining metal lines.

Traditional, classic badges

For a traditional logo or insignia, the metallic options are a great choice to create a smart and classic looking badge design. Both the die struck and the 3D Die cast badges come in a range of metallic colours and finishes. These are particularly suited to coats of arms or other official looking designs, with the raised surface of the badge forming the insignia. We can create these to match your custom design and with several different metallic finishes including polished gold and antique silver.

Ask us…

To find out more about any of the badge styles we can create, and how to achieve exceptional Custom badges in 1 go with Badge Base, why not get in touch and speak with one of our team for advice and information?

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