Why badges are the perfect promotional tool

Here at Badge Base we pride ourselves on our wide range of fully customisable products, offering our clients everything from patches to stickers, lanyards to keyrings. And although all of our products receive rave reviews from our fantastic customers – our namesake product – badges, remain one of our most popular products.
We wanted to take this opportunity to sing the praises of the humble badge as the perfect promotional tool. Its popularity seemingly immovable thanks to its versatility and low production cost. We’ve put our heads together and decided on our top three reasons why you should be using badges to promote your business!

Badges are versatile and customisable by their very nature

They say good things come in small packages – well, never was this truer than with humble badge. They are so easily customised and when you get the right balance between simplicity, detail and message – the result is a striking product that people will want to pin to their jackets, bags and hats.

​Almost every aspect of the badge can be adapted to suit your requirements: colour, shape, size, material and finish, so you know you can achieve a product that reflects your company, organisation or brand perfectly.

With low production costs, badges make great promotional products

Here at Badgebase, we produce all manner of badges from hard and soft enamel pin badges to die-struck badges, from PVC badges to the classic button badge. Whilst our range of pin badges differ in lead time, price and minimum order quantity – their generally low unit cost make badges perfect as promotional hand out at events or to include within another product purchase.

​Alternatively, if intended as a retail product rather than purely for promotional purposes, their affordability lends itself well to creating profit – especially useful for charities raising awareness as well as money.

Badges are timeless and unflinchingly popular

We might be a little biased, but you have only to glance walking down the street to see that pin badges are everywhere. They’re such a simple way of creatively expressing yourself, whether sending a message or by wearing a logo people can choose to show others what they like or what they believe in. Which is what makes them such a great promotional tool for businesses and organisations!

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