The Crafty World of Enamel Badges

The world of enamel pin badges is one of fantastic variety, soft enamel or hard enamel badges, multicoloured, metallic, or fluorescent finishes and a huge variety of shapes cut to your specifications: the possibilities are boundless. With the rise in popularity of craft fairs and the hand-made aesthetic, enamel badges and particularly custom badges have seen a similar resurgence. The sheer versatility of the process lends itself to a plethora of design applications, allowing designers and customers alike to express themselves by wearing these miniature pieces of art.

Pop-culture Pin Badges

In this technology-laden, digital age there is something very appealing about an object as humble as the enamel pin badge. Discreet, tactile and understated, they are a fantastic way to say ‘Hey look, this is me!’ but in a gentle, endearing whisper. Though as analogue or retro as the pin badge may have become, it is the internet and in particular, Instagram that are driving this modern-day revolution of a vintage staple.
Instagram accounts such as ‘Pin Pursuit’ and ‘Patch Game’ drive the interest in searching for the most elaborate, exciting and individual enamel pins out there, with links through to sellers websites to ensure the creator receives the credit. This relatively underground craft-culture has opened up enamel pin badges as a medium for artists and designers alike to express themselves through.

Our Personalised Badge Service

​Our process and service lends itself to any level of customer. Whether you are a designer and have finished digital files at 300 dpi, ready to be applied in either hard enamel or soft enamel. Or perhaps your design is a simple sketch and you need help in realising your design: we offer a comprehensive service from start to finish. The process begins with your email, contact us with your artwork and specifications, perhaps include a picture of how you would like your finished enamel pin badge to appear. If you’re unsure of the difference between hard enamel and soft enamel, we can judge from a picture the finish you require.

We’ll let you know straight away if your artwork will translate through to a really fantastic pin or not, if it needs further work or you require help improving the design we also have an in-house design service so this won’t be a problem. Before undergoing any work that will incur a charge we will quote you a price. With our Pantone matching system, block colour can be matched across a huge spectrum of printable colours, meaning the integrity of your design or logo is easily upheld.

Don’t Be Shy!

​So whether you’re an artist, a company, club, group or just an enthusiastic individual: get in touch with us here at Badgebase via web, email or phone. We’re here to help, so why not drop us a line and see how Badgebase can help you realise your enamel pin badge desires!